Welcome to INTEGIRLS New Jersey & New York

A global non-profit bridging the gender gap in competitive problem solving

2024 Spring Math Competition

Check out the Archives page for more details about the competition. The competition was held on April 20th, 2024. We welcomed 500+ participants in our competition, making us the largest competition for female and nonbinary students worldwide.

Upcoming Events

We will be updating about more INTEGIRLS events in the future. Anyone can participate! We write our own problems, so you can participate in our chapter even if you participate in others.

Our Mission

As girls and non-binary individuals in STEM, we all have firsthand experience of the lack of female representation in STEM. This substantial division has disheartened many girls and non-binary individuals worldwide, discouraging them from pursuing math as a hobby or a career.

Our goal, at the NYC/NJ chapter, is to ignite the passion of math and problem solving among more girls and non-binary individuals. We are determined to address this gender gap by focusing on fostering and promoting girls' passion for math and problem-solving. Additionally, by uniting those with a shared love for math, we strive to establish a community of future female and non-binary mathematicians who can provide mutual support. Mathematics is an amazing subject filled with concealed puzzles and strategies, and collectively, we aspire to organize an event where female and non-binary participants can freely bond over the subject.

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