Our Team

The Leadership Team

Get to know us! We are a team brought together by our shared passion for STEM and gender equality 🤍

Sargam Mondal

Founder & Chapter Head 

Sargam is a junior at the Edison Academy Magnet School. She is an avid competitor in math competitions, having placed 1st and 2nd at ARML in 2023 and 2022, respectively. Additionally, she is a two-time PUMaC Division A Individual Finalist, placed in the top 50 at HMMT February subject tests, and ranked in the top 10 at Girls in Math at Yale. She is also a participant in the MIT PRIMES-USA program. Outside of math competitions, she is very interested in algebraic geometry.

Christina Wang

Founding Member & Chapter Head 

Christina is a sophomore at West-Windsor Plainsboro High School North. She has qualified for the USAJMO, AIME, and MPfG. This summer, she will be attending the SUMaC math program. Recently, she has also strived to spread her passion to other young girls – an underrepresented gender in mathematics. Outside of math, Christina plays two instruments (the piano and violin), and likes sushi.

Audrey Wang

Operations Director

Audrey is a sophomore at High Technology High School. She loves to attend math competitions and is a two-time AIME qualifier. She also spends much of her time teaching young kids and making the start of their mathematical journey a fun experience. In her free time, Audrey likes to play tennis, crochet, and sleep.

Sophia Chen

Operations Director

Sophia is currently a junior and a member of her school's math team. She enjoys math and has scored for her school in various math competitions. In her free time, Sophia enjoys baking, swimming, playing the flute, and spending time with her friends. As a math/science peer tutor at her school, she is excited to support young girls pursuing math through INTEGIRLS!

Alexander Wang

Senior Board Director

Alexander is a sophomore at Millburn High School. He has loved math since he was very young. He received a gold medal in the 2023 International Mathematical Olympiad and a gold medal in the 2023 Romanian Masters of Mathematics. He obtained a perfect score in the 2023 USA Mathematical Olympiad. He attended the Mathematical Olympiad Program (MOP) twice in 2022 and 2023. He ranked first place division A overall individual in the 2023 PUMaC and ranked first place in the 2023 Harvard-MIT Invitational Competition. He is currently participating in the MIT PRIMES-USA research program. Besides math, he likes music and sports.

Doreen Liang

Marketing Director

Doreen is a sophomore at Governor Livingston High School. She is in the Future Business Leaders of America at school. She is also the Director of Marketing and Communications at Alphademic Learning and the Lovelace Math Circle, both nonprofit organizations. Doreen does taekwondo and is a black belt. In her free time, she loves listening to Taylor Swift. Doreen hopes to use her knowledge to expand INTEGIRLS.

Angie Liu

Senior Operational Director

Angie Liu is currently a junior at Montgomery High School. She is a three-time AIME qualifier and enjoys participating in ARML. She enjoys drawing, watching movies, and catching up on sleep during her free time. She hopes to support anyone interested in pursuing math through INTEGIRLS!

Minhe Liu

Executive Board Member

Minhe Liu is a sophomore at Montgomery High School. She is a two-time AIME qualifier and enjoys participating in many math and science competitions. Besides academics, she also enjoys reading, writing, music, and playing video games.

Emma Yang

Executive Board Member

Emma is a junior at Stuyvesant High School. She is an MPfG qualifier and has achieved Distinguished Honor Roll on the AMC 10 and 12. This summer, she also attended the Ross Mathematics Program. She has had substantial teaching experience and is excited to help other girls pursue and grow passionate about math. Outside of math, she likes to play card games and watch K-dramas. 

Ada Huang

Executive Board Member

Ada is a sophomore at the Edison Academy Magnet School. She does competition math in her free time and is a three-time AIME qualifier. At school, she is an active participant in the newspaper club, Academic Team, and debate club. Aside from math, she enjoys playing the piano, reading, watching K-dramas, and drawing.

Emma Li

Executive Board Member

Emma is a sophomore at Princeton High School. She is very passionate about math, having participated in many competitions and programs—qualifying for USAJMO and attending the Ross Mathematics Program. Outside of math, she enjoys playing volleyball, violin, and various card games.